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“Good” Gut Bacteria

You can check the internet, the radio, TV news, and you would surely agree that a lot of buzz and noise has been created by these so called “Good” Gut Bacteria that naturally resides in our body…their benefits and how important they are in keeping one’s health in tip top shape.

If you are wondering…if you don’t have even the slightest idea at what these so called “Good” Gut Bacteria do, let me show you some of the latest developments and discoveries concerning these friendly bacteria and micro organisms.

“Good” Gut Bacteria Study 1
First off, let’s take a look at the new studies by Howard Hughes Medical Institute researchers. According to this study, millions of “Good” Gut Bacteria in the human body could be responsible and helpful when it comes to preventing and staving off grave injuries at the lining of the intestines.

According to the researchers and scientists, these unexpected findings suggest that the common practice of administering antibiotics to cancer patients in order to prevent infections could lead to the gut being more vulnerable to damage…BUT this is something – a danger that could be overcome by administering substances that provide protection which can be likened to the presence of “Good” Gut Bacteria.

The researchers from Howard Hughes Medical Institute which was led by Ruslan Medzhitov at Yale University School of Medicine said that, up until the research, most of the benefits associated with “Good” Gut Bacteria have something to do with their biological activity.

They metabolize the nutrients…allowing use to absorb them more easily and more readily. Along with that, they also aid in the early development and maintaining the health of the gastro intestinal system. Along with that, they also produce factors that ward of possible colonization of pathogenic bacteria. HOWEVER, the latest research reveals a different role performed by these “Good” Gut Bacteria.

Specifically, the “Good” Gut Bacteria, according to Medzhitov as well as colleagues, trigger proteins which are known as TLR or Toll Like Receptors that aid in the maintenance of health in the intestinal epithelial cells…activating its functions that respond to injury. Back then, it was thought that these TLRs function nothing more as assassins that respond against the molecules of the surface of pathogenic bacteria while iniating the innate immune system to launch an attack against these intruders.

“Good” Gut Bacteria Study 2
In another study, it was revealed that “Good” Gut Bacteria could produce substances which are very effective in protecting one against the threats of collon cancer while providing therapy for inflammatory bowel disease.

According to a paprt published by the journal Microbiolgy which is from the researchers of the University Of Aberdeen Rowet Institution Of Nutrition and Health, “Good” Gut Bacteria process linoleic acid and convert them to conjugated linoleic acid…which is absorbed and used by the gut wall to strengthen its defenses against different diseases and ailments.

Well, these are just some of the studies concerning “Good” Gut Bacteria. You can expect more of these studies showing how beneficial it is to come out and shed more light about these friendly micro organisms.

So be on the watch!

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