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FIVELAC Probiotic Review

If you loved ThreeLac probiotic formula which came to be known as the best defense against candida in the market, then you will surely go gaga and fall in love with its better and stronger brother – FiveLac probiotic supplement! Well, nobody said things couldn’t get any better. It can and it did with this new probiotic formula and supplement which is sure to win the hearts of fans of probiotics and their health benefits.

What made FiveLac better than its brother is the fact that it has the tried and tested ThreeLac formula, PLUS two additional intestinal and beneficial bacteria and ingredients that make it even more effective at what they do – which is to boost your immunity and improve your digestive system’s overall health. ThreeLac became the best defense against candida (until FiveLac came) all thanks to the proprietary formulation that allows the different strains of micro organisms to blend well together without competing. And you get the same patented formula with Fivelac probiotic supplement.

Along with that, both ThreeLac and FiveLac probiotic supplements are packed through a micro encapsulation process that guarantees that the live, beneficial, and candida fighting micro organisms get past the acidic environment in the stomach, reach your intestines, and get the job done. The bacteria will then alter the pH balance and create an environment in your gut that is lethal for yeast, fungi, and other not so friendly micro organisms.

When you use this groundbreaking probiotic supplement, there should be no reason for you to stay away from impossible dietary and food limitations, which makes eating and dining more of a task rather than something enjoyable. Helps provide ideal beneficial and intestinal micro flora, relieves the symptoms brought by yeast and fungus overgrowth – with FiveLac probiotic supplement, you will enjoy all of these benefits and more.

My Experience With FiveLac Probiotic Supplement
Before anything else, I would like to say that I have tried Threelac for about a month or two before I settled for FiveLac. I was a victim and suffering from systemic Candida and only ThreeLac was able to provide consistent positive relief from the symptoms that this digestive disorder causes. HOWEVER, although the improvement was consistent, it was NOT fast enough, at least for me. With that reason, I decided to give FiveLac a shot.

And I’m glad that I did!

The reason? Well, not just because it came with 2 more strains of beneficial and intestinal bacteria, which makes it better on your stomach. The primary reason is the fact that everything – the improvement of my condition, the relief from the symptoms, etc. are now on high gear especially when it started using oxygen therapy with FiveLac. Things are now starting to get better!

However, here’s a word of caution especially if you are planning to use FiveLac probiotic supplement with oxygen therapy. You will suffer from die off symptoms and this could discourage you from sticking with the whole plan. YES, you must endure and keep at it for 3 to 6 months before things take a turn for the better. True, that may seem like a long time, BUT believe me, it’s all worth the wait and patience!

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