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Everything You Need To Know To Find The Best Probiotic Supplements

Nowadays, you can buy probiotic supplements in different shapes, sizes, and forms. You can have them as dried powder, capsules, liquid…and the list goes on and on. Now having a lot of options as to how you are going to take your probiotic supplements is nice…BUT confusing as well. With so many forms of probiotic supplements, it can get quite confusing which would be the best probiotic supplements for you.

HOWEVER, this should be all cleared up after reading this article as I will provide you with more information concerning the types of probiotic supplements that are available out there. When the time comes that you need to shop for one, it will be way easier for you to decide which one to go for. Let’s have a look…

Choosing The Best Probiotic Supplements – Frozen And Dried Powder
If you are someone who wants to get his dose of friendly and healthy micro organisms through water (without affecting its taste of course), then your best bet would be probiotic supplements in frozen and dried powder form. The best powdered probiotic supplements out there contain only one strain of friendly bacteria in it.

The BIGGEST reason why a lot of people go for powdered probiotic supplements is the fact that the friendly and healthy probiotics gets to the intestinal and digestive tract a lot easier and quicker than with other types of probiotic supplements out there. If your kids are suffering from digestive disorder and you want to treat them with probiotics, go for these…they are way easier to consume than capsules, tablets, etc.

Choosing The Best Probiotic Supplements – Capsules
Next on the list are capsules. For many cases, people will go for probiotic supplements in capsule form as you don’t need to mix them with water or food like dried and powdered brands. You only need a glass of water to consume them. Another advantage that probiotic supplements in capsule form have over others is the fact that they contain more amounts friendly and healthy bacteria.

For example, a brand known as the Primal Defense Ultra (which is manufactured by Garden Of Life) is believed to contain well over 15 billion of these friendly bacteria that our digestive system needs to remain healthy and in tip top shape. Along with that, these probiotic supplements in capsule form also have a special coating that protects the probiotics on its way to the gut…ensuring that you get the most out of them and that they actually gain access to different organs that need them like the colon as well as duodenum.

Choosing The Best Probiotic Supplements – Liquid
Last BUT not the least, we have probiotic supplements in liquid form. Now while taking probiotics in liquid form guarantees easy absorption, the problem with it is that it starts to lose strength within weeks after it was manufactured. With that in mind, many manufacturers of probiotic supplements in liquid form put an expiration date and advises the consumer to keep the product refrigerated at all times.

Another problem with these probiotic supplements is that manufacturers also add buffering agents that prevent the supplement from tasting sour or bitter…BUT adversely affects how the probiotics perform.

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  1. Catherine Currie says:

    I am a new vegetarian. Introducing lots of beans into my diet has my stomach feeling bloated, and has produced
    gas that I am not accustomed to. I have heard that taking Probiotics will take of this problem. Is this correct?
    Please advise.

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