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BioBeads Probiotic Acidophilus Review

We all need probiotics – that is a fact you have to accept. And one of them probiotic strains that we need to adequately have in our body all the time would be Acidophilus probiotics. And to make things a little more complicated, you need to get about 1 billion live cultures of acidophilus probiotics – and those are just one of the things you need to keep in mind when supplementing your natural flora with beneficial and friendly micro organisms.

Well, looking at it, it seems that keeping your digestive and immune system in great shape with probiotic supplements is very complicated, right? WRONG! Not when you have BioBeads Probiotic Acidophilus supplements with you. You see, this probiotic supplement comes with the very precious Acidophilus probiotic, and every dose guarantees you that you get 1 billion live cultures of this strain.

YES, with BioBeads Probiotic Acidophilus supplements, everything is taken care of. With every unique and easy to swallow bead, you are guaranteed to strengthen your body’s natural immunity and defenses as well as your digestive tract. And all you have to do is make sure that you pop one bead a day.

Another nice thing about BioBeads Probiotic Acidophilus supplements is the fact that they are designed in such a way that the probiotics are protected on its way to your digestive system. You see, many acids and elements in our body could harm them if they travel unprotected. The beads have a protective coating that ensures the probiotics get to your intestines where they rightly belong and where they start to work immediately.

Let’s take a closer look at this protective coating…

BioBeads Probiotic Acidophilus Supplements – The Advanced Triple Shell
YES, you have read that right. BioBeads Probiotic Acidophilus supplements have NOT one, not two but 3 protective shells that ensures viability through all of the 3 biophases that these beads go through.

What on earth are these biophases? You may be asking. Let’s discuss them more closely. First, BioPhase one involves the targeted release technology. This guarantees that the BioBeads Probiotic Acidophilus supplements are potent for as long as 18 months and that the micro flora are protected all the way to ingestion.

BioPhase 2, on the other hand, makes sure that the beads containing precious micro flora passes through the acidic stomach safely and unharmed. Last BUT not the least, BioPhase 3 makes sure that the inner layer is slowly BUT surely broken down and is followed by the release of proprietary blend of probiotics, which are necessary for supporting your digestive system as well as your defenses.

And to make it even easier for you to take – the BioBeads Probiotic Acidophilus supplements don’t need any refrigeration thanks to the protective coating it has. Along with that, you are guaranteed that you are getting 100 percent live and beneficial cultures of friendly micro organisms – no yeast, wheat, milk, glutens, artificial colors, or anything that would water down the potency of the probiotics.

So why on earth are you still staring at the monitor? Grab your pack of BioBeads Probiotic Acidophilus supplements and be on your way to a healthier and stronger digestive tract, immunity, and body in general.

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