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Bifidobacteria Probiotics: A Closer Look At This Healthy And Friendly Bacteria

If you are someone who has been looking into probiotics and probiotic foods and supplements, I’m pretty sure you are quite confused with the hundreds of different strains of friendly and healthy micro organisms…what health benefits they deliver and how exactly they work. HOWEVER, among the 400 different probiotic strains found in the human gut, bifidobacteria probiotics are one of the most popular and most beneficial strains.

When it comes to alleviating the symptoms caused by inflammatory bowel disease and irritable bowel syndrome (that’s IBS for short), Bifidobacteria probiotics are the KING! BUT you may be thinking – if you already have them naturally (especially in your digestive tract), why do you need to go for Bifidobacteria probiotics?

Here’s what – I’m pretty sure there was a time when you suffered from an infection…and it got you so bad that you need to resort to antibiotics to eliminate those not so friendly micro organisms that are having a party…thriving inside you. BUT get this – taking antibiotics is like a double edged sword. Antibiotics eliminate bacteria – both good and bad, unfortunately. That means those strains of friendly and beneficial bacteria are decimated.

To make matters worse, if you are NOT able to restore the balance between good and bad bacteria in your body, many facets of your health would suffer…especially your digestive system. That explains why you need to use probiotic supplements that contains Bifidobacteria probiotics, lactobacillus, streptococcus, and more…to restore the population of beneficial bacteria to safe and healthy levels.

Bifidobacteria Probiotics – What Does It Do?
Bifidobacteria probiotics along with lactobacilli keeps the healthy balance in your intestinal flora by manufacturing organic compounds. What organic compounds am I talking about? Here’s a brief list – lactic acid, hydrogen peroxide, acetic acid, and those are just to name a few.

What these compounds do is increase the acidity levels in your intestine…and by doing so, it inhibits the reproduction and multiplication of many harmful and disease causing bacteria found in your digestive system. Having a good and stable supplementation Bifidobacteria probiotics will boost your resistance against different intestinal infections. Along with that, many research and studies revealed that supplementation of Bifidobacteria probiotics results to better synthesis of vitamin B complex and smoother absorption of calcium.

Bifidobacterium Infantis – A Closer Look At This Bifidobacteria Probiotics
This strain – bifidobacterium infantis is found, naturally inhabiting, the intestines of both adults and infants. Along with that, it is also found in the vaginal tract. This friendly and beneficial strain of probiotics specifically resides in your large intestines…they are found in high concentration especially in finfants.

Just like other Bifidobacteria probiotics and species, this strain is capable of producing acid that would ward off and slow down the production of different harmful bacteria found in the colon. Also, there are different studies and researches show that the presence of Bifidobacterium infantis in the body (specifically in the colon) helps reduce the occurrence of infantile diarrhea.

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