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Probiotics Vs. Antibiotics

Are you always taking antibiotics? Yeah? Well, get this – one of the many problems that can be caused by taking broad spectrum antibiotics is yeast infection. That’s no fun! And when left alone on its own devices, it can be very dangerous and life-threatening. Along with that, taking antibiotics can also cause chronic diarrhea.

Back then, taking antibiotics isn’t really a huge problem. However, with other not-so-healthy elements that we are exposed to – like being bombarded with food additives, drinking chlorinated water, and other taking medications and drugs – our ecosystem flora is disrupted by a great deal. Think about it – antibiotics along with the other factors mentioned above kills NOT only the bad bacteria and micro organisms in our body but also the good and friendly ones. And upsetting this balance in our body is very detrimental to our health.

You may not experience the adverse effects – your immune system will do everything in its power to fight back…BUT trust me, it will catch up to you eventually. So how do you fight back against the adverse effects of antibiotics?

If the good and friendly microbes are running low in number, then taking probiotics to restore the balance is definitely the most logical and effective way to go. By taking probiotics, you are bound to improve your circulatory functions, enhance your resistance to different allergens, and decrease the risk of catching yeast infection. Yes, there’s no doubt about it – probiotics found in food like yogurt and kefir as well as different dietary supplements will help you in restoring helpful bacteria…which results to a healthier and stronger body and immune system.

I’m sure you have encountered any or all of the mentioned not-so-friendly elements that we are exposed to every single day – antibiotics, chlorinated water, hormones, birth control pills, as well as anti-inflammatory drugs, I’m sure the balance of good and bad bacteria in your body has been disrupted one way or another. You should take probiotics to get your ecosystem back into balance and get it back into shape before your whole body including your immune system starts to break down.

You may say – “Well, I’m not feeling anything…I don’t feel ill.” Yes, for now. You may not feel ill. But do you really have to wait until you? Do you really have to wait until your immune system can no longer fight back before you take action?

Do you really have to wait until you frequently catch colds, experience fever blisters, suffer from vaginal and rectal itching, crippled with diarrhea (whether intermittent or chronic), experience dry skin, allergies, and a host of annoying conditions you sure don’t want to experience?

I don’t know about you but I’d better grab a good bottle of probiotics supplement and products to restore your body’s ecosystem flora balance…rather than get seriously ill.

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