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Probiotics For Children

It may not be obvious, but trust me – there are hundreds of trillions of healthy bacteria and micro organisms found in your digestive tract. A good part of them are meant to act as your line of defense against diseases and intruding and not-so-friendly micro-organisms. A healthy lower intestine must contain around about 85 percent of good or healthy bacteria of your body. This is needed to prevent over-colonization of micro-organisms like E. coli as well as salmonella – micro organisms that are notoriously known for causing diseases that are sometimes life-threatening.

Having a consistent supply of probiotics is essential for maintaining good digestive health. I often find kids who regularly eat yogurt. True, it contains acidophilus – one of the well known probiotics BUT that’s only one of the hundreds of different friendly bacteria that we must regularly take. Our bodies have anywhere between 400-500 different types of friendly bacteria. However, with the unhealthy elements we’re exposed to – like taking antibiotics, unhealthy eating habits, drinking chlorinated water…the probiotics we have in our body can easily dwindle down.

That’s a fact that should get you thinking…especially if you have kids. You see, the first 2 years of a baby’s life is important for their long-term immune system responses. The bacteria colonization patterns that occur during your infancy will be evident all the way to adulthood. The foods and drugs that dramatically affect the delicate balance of probiotics in the digestive system back when you’re a kid can have adverse long term effects.

Adults and children can gain a lot of benefits from probiotic supplements. However, taking probiotics is more crucial for children. You see, these healthy micro organisms promote healthy digestion as well excellent mineral absorption. These organisms perform excellently when it comes to preventing diaper rash, diarrhea, eczema, as well as cradle cap. Along with that, taking probiotics has been found to reduce the risk of anemia, asthma, as well as milk allergies and thrush.

For toddlers, according to different studies and researches, probiotics have been found to reduce the severity as well as the frequency of constipation, respiratory illnesses, bowel syndrome, and other digestive disorders.

Healthy digestion is essential for healthy living…PERIOD! You see, children suffering from different illnesses as well as disorders have seen an improvement on some level when eating habits are corrected and a regular supply of probiotics are included in their diet. If your kids are suffering from allergies, ADHD, Autism, Celiac disease, constipation, cradle cap, diarrhea, diabetes, eczema, as well as a host of different digestive and skin disorders, you should strongly consider adding probiotic supplements in their diet.

A tip – when shopping for probiotic supplements, you should look at the label and search for lactobacilli as well as bifidobacteria. These are the 2 most popular probiotics and bring truckloads of digestive health benefits you won’t find anywhere else.

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