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Flora-Q Probiotics Review

How good of a food and health supplement is Flora Q Probiotics? Is it really as good as many claimed it to be? If you are asking all of those questions, then reading this Flora-Q Probiotics Review is a MUST!

Alright, before we get this Flora-Q Probiotics Review, I’m a traditional family practitioner. And when it comes to alternative treatments and medicine, I have an open mind about them and I have tried a couple of them, too. BUT let me tell you this right off the bat – Flora-Q Probiotics blew me away!

You see, I have been suffering from severe nausea as well as excruciating abdominal pain for the past 2 years after fighting against diverticulitis. Fighting against this disorder forced me to take a lot of antibiotics. And as we all know, taking antibiotics upset the balance between good and bad bacteria…ultimately resulting to digestive and intestinal illnesses.

That’s exactly what happened. For months, I have dreaded eating and this resulted in a rapid and not so healthy 20 pound weight loss. After consulting my first gastro doctor, he told me that I am suffering from IBS and that increasing the fiber in my diet should fix the problem. With that in mind, I gave Citrucel a shot and this greatly relieved the pain. However, I am still suffering from symptoms.

So I tried Bentyl. Just like the former, this helped greatly in getting rid of the symptoms, yet the underlying discomfort was never suppressed. Bottom line, my symptoms were never under control. There are good days…HOWEVER, there are more bad days and this gravely affected my personal and professional life.

I finally gave another gastro doctor a shot to get a second opinion and see if he can recommend a solution that will get rid of all the symptoms, discomfort, and severe pain that I’m suffering from. His diagnosis was a really terrible case of IBS…BUT the solution he recommended is a mile ahead from what my previous doctor gave me.

He said that I should give Flora-Q Probiotics. I though that he was kidding. After all, not a lot of medical doctors recommend alternative solutions. HOWEVER, how he explained my situation – how the bacterial colony in my digestive and intestinal system has been disrupted, how this gravely affects my health, and how taking bifidobacterium could help restore the balance all made sense.

Long story made short and simpler, I followed his advice and started taking Flora Q Probiotics. And guess what, within a week of taking it, I started noticing some improvements that my previous medication failed to deliver. This encouraged me to keep on taking it…and a miracle happened on the first month.

For the first time for almost 2 years, I’m now symptom free! Gone are the days that I suffer from nausea, pain, discomfort. At first, it was kind of strange since I have been used to the feelings of stress, pain, and intestinal discomfort for a very long time now.

Bottom line – if you are suffering from bacterial overgrowth, Flora Q Probiotics could be the miraculous solution! I simply can’t recommend this stuff enough.

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