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Probiotics For Infants

Whether you are an adult, teenager, a kid, or even an infant – no matter what your age or gender is, you can greatly benefit from probiotics. These non pathogenic bacteria, when consumed, can greatly benefit your immunity…especially your resistance against gastro intestinal and digestive diseases.

In light of that, it makes perfect sense to fortify your infant’s digestive and gastro intestinal defenses while their intestinal tract is still pure and free from any infestation. Let’s take a closer look at how probiotics for infants could benefit your child greatly…

Probiotics For Infants Study #1
There are researchers from Israel did a double blind study and randomized trial, which was sponsored by a formula manufacturer. This research and study involved 201 healthy infants (who are aged anywhere between 4 to 10 months) and attended day care.

These infants received either plain formula milk or formula milk beefed up with probiotics (specifically Bifidobacterium lactis strain or Lactobacillus reuteri) for 12 weeks. During this period, the infants who were fed with formula milk that contains L. reuteri were found out to be healthier on 7 out of 9 outcome measures. They have fewer days with fever, less occurence of diarrhea, lesser clinic visits, and very minimal antibiotic prescriptions compared to those infants who received the plain formula.

On the other hand, those infants who received the formula milk which is beefed up with Bifidobacterium lactic were found to be healthier than the “plain formula” group by 3 out of 9 outcome measures.

Anyway, no matter how you look at it, this study shows how beneficial probiotics for infants are! Not even specially formulated milk could rival it.

Probiotics For Infants Study #2
In China, there are researchers and investigators who randomized 214 infants that have extremely low birth weight.

These infants, who are aged below seven dats and started to enteral feeding, received either of the 2 – good and old breast milk, or breast milk which is supplemented with 2 probiotics – L. acidophilus as well as B. infantis.

When the two groups of infants were compared, it was seen that those who are taking breast milk with probiotics are healthier.

Matter of fact, those that are fed with breast milk alone are more likely to die (10.7 percent – a far cry from 3.9 percent on the breast milk PLUS probiotic side) and has higher chances of developing necrotizing enterocolitis (5.3 percent against 1.1 percent on the probiotic side).

Probiotics For Infants – The Conclusion
You may be thinking – should all infants receive and be fed with probiotics? Well, you can’t help BUT raise the issue of safety. Though we have these trials and studies and a couple more of investigations on the subject, you simply can’t deny that it involves a relatively small number of subjects.

Again, the issue of safety remains. BUT even if the probiotics for infants are NOT quite beefed up and ready for prime time, they surely hint you of future therapeutic innovations that take advantage of these friendly and beneficial probiotics.

So here’s my advice – be on the watch for developments concerning these probiotics for infants. It’s only a matter of time before it is discovered how you and your babies can take advantage of them and maximize the benefits.

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