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Probiotics Benefits

So you’re someone who’s always on the look for new developments on the natural healing department? If you answered yes to that question, chances are, you have stumbled upon probiotics. Think about it – people, especially those who are in the United States, have tripled their spending on probiotic food and related products.

You may be asking – what do probiotic foods do? What are probiotic benefits that you can’t find on other healthy micro-organisms? Well, A LOT! There are truckloads of benefits that probiotics can bring – especially on the gastric and immunity departments…and we’ll try to name a couple of them right here!

Colic – this is a disorder…a digestive problem that makes a lot of mothers worry day in and day out. Think about it – about 28 percent of newborn babies are crying for unusually very long periods for no apparent reason. However, in a research and study conducted by the University of Turin, it was discovered that in these babies, increasing the levels of probiotic L reuteri has reduced the crying time in these babies suffering from colic by 74%, which is around about 51 minutes a day.

These results were achieved by applying 108 CFU of probiotic L reuteri daily for 28 days. Matter of fact, a lot of improvement in the babies’ digestive system was seen only after 7 days. This shows how beneficial probiotics are (in this case probiotic L reuteri) when it comes to improving the digestive health of newborn kids. They’re a clear winner here!

Another health problem…this time a chronic skin problem – eczema, which is also known as atopic dermatitis, has been found to be on the rise on more affluent countries. And it doesn’t choose its victim – both children and adults can be victims of this skin disease. A research in Finland was done to see what would be the effects of probiotics on children up to 4 years of age. The mothers were given probiotics and related supplements while they’re still pregnant.

Whenever they were breastfeeding, the mothers as well as their babies took the probiotic supplements. So what results did this study bring? Check this out – the babies who were breastfed by mothers who were taking probiotics had a 40% lower chance of developing eczema by the time they reach 4 years old.

However, don’t be led to think that only children can harvest the benefits that these friendly micro-organisms can bring. People…or better yet adults with ulcerative colitis (this is a condition where the large intestive is inflamed, sore, and found bleeding) have benefited greatly from taking probiotics. That’s especially true when probiotics are taken in high amounts. In a Canadian study, very high concentrations were used in warding off ulcerative colitis – about 3,600 billion probiotics per day. True, this dwarfs the average probiotic content in supplements which is about 5 billion per tablet. Nevertheless, this shows how beneficial probiotics are both for adults and newborn children. It is something that deserves a lot of attention and research from health experts and doctors around the globe.

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